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We're Watching This Community For You!
A unique crime watch program called County Watch was designed in 1987 to add more pairs of eyes looking out for residential and business properties within the cities of Marion County and West Salem; Polk County. Garbage/Recycle Haulers receive ongoing official training from Marion County Sheriff Office (MCSO) on what to watch for in neighborhoods and business communities. Our drivers are professionally trained by MCSO on procedures for reporting suspicious activities to MCSO, City Police Stations, or Utility Companies. Reports have included drunk drivers, general road hazards, persons in trouble, suspicious activity, traffic accidents, and more! Our procedure for reporting goes directly from our drivers to the appropriate authorities. Thanks to our Marion County Sheriff for supporting this valuable county-wide effort! Over 15,000 reports have been filed since 1987!
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Local Garbage/Recycle haulers have been long-time major sponsors of the Salem Police D.A.R.E. program. The new D.A.R.E. vehicle now sports the Association's name! Watch for the D.A.R.E. vehicle on YOUR neighborhood streets. Have a safe year from all of us here at Mid-Valley Garbage & Recycling Association!
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Drop Off Sites for FOUND-SHARPS
This program provides for the free drop-off of syringes found by the general public throughout the community. Prior to this important program, found syringes were often discarded in garbage carts and recycle carts; which is against Oregon state law, or simply thrown aside; which constitutes a major public health risk. Anyone finding such syringes should pick them up cautiously, deposit them into a rigid container with a lid, such as a metal coffee can and take them to any of the 22 drop-off sites listed below:

Marion County Health Dept
3180 Center Street NE, Salem or 302 W Hayes, Woodburn

Aumsville Fire District
495 Church Street, Aumsville

Jefferson Fire District
189 N Main Jefferson

Keizer Fire District
661 Chemawa Road NE Keizer

Salem Fire District
370 Trade Street Salem
875 Madison Street NE Salem
1884 Lansing Avenue NE Salem
200 Alice Avenue S Salem
1520 Glen Creek Road NW Salem
2742 25th Street SE Salem
4730 Liberty Road S Salem
4000 Lancaster Drive N Salem
5080 Battlecreek Road S Salem
299 37th Ave. NE Salem

Stayton Fire District
1988 W Ida Stayton

Turner Fire District
7605 3rd St Turner
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2013 MVGRA Annual Golf Tournament Champions
Suburban Garbage Service
MVGRA Annual Golf Tournament
Previous Winners:
2012 - Brandt's Sanitary Service
2011 - Pacific Sanitation, Inc.
2010 - Brandt's Sanitary Service
2009 - Brandt's Sanitary Service
2008 - North Marion Recycling & Disposal Service
2007 - Loren's Sanitation Service
2006 - Allied Waste of Marion Co.
2005 - Keller Drop Box Service, Inc.
2004 - Suburban Garbage Service, Inc.
2003 - Valley Recycling & Disposal, Inc.
2002 - Pacific Sanitation, Inc.
2001 - Brandt's Sanitary Service
2000 - Marion Resource Recovery Facility
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Are you being overwhelmed with plastic bags when bringing products and groceries home in them? If you don't already have a reuse in mind for these plastic bags, here is a GREAT list of locations in Marion County:
Albertson’s Food & Drug. All Stores Salem & Keizer
Fred Meyer Stores 3750 Market Street NE Salem
Fred Meyer 3450 Commercial Street SE Salem
Humane Society Thrift Shop 548 High Street NE Salem
Roth's IGA All stores in Marion County
Safeway Food & Drug All stores in Marion County
Union Gospel Mission 885 Commercial Street SE Salem
Wal-Mart Stores 5250 Commercial Street SE Salem
Wal-Mart 3002 Stacy Allison Way Woodburn
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